• Private, stabilizer production according to demand
  • Heavy-duty, industrial type, mechanically rugged and durable construction that can be used in all areas
  • High efficiency. Cetinkaya stabilizers are manufactured with high quality silicon steel sheet and electrolytic copper, the loss is at minimum and they are highly efficent with a percentage of 97%.
  • Carried out with different techniques of protection against changing voltage conditions
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  • Copper Wound Microprocessor Controlled Stabilizers
  • Aliminium Wound Microprocessor Controlled Stabilizers
  • Copper Wound Static Electronic Stabilizers
  • Pool Transformers
  • Box Tranformers
  • UPS
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A Tailor-Made Transformer


Cetinkaya Stabilizer Company is a highly respected company since 1979.

Being manufacturer of servo microprocessor stabilizers, static electronic voltage stabilizers, pool transformers, as well as tranformers for other types of use, our company is offering a wide range of products currently differing from 1 kVA to 500 kVA at monophased, from 3 kVA to 2500 kVA at threephased to solve problems of our customers stemming from voltage inconveniencies.

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